with Shahs & Modality

Stonefly Productions + Zoo City Apparel presents…

::: IDIOT GLEE (Pop/Soul/Electro – Lexington, KY) :::


::: SHAHS (Live Electronics/Tropical – Missoula, MT) :::


::: MODALITY (Synth/Drums Duo – Missoula, MT) :::


Thursday, September 22, 2011
@ Zoo City Apparel
$5 flat (tickets available at door on night of show ONLY)
Doors 9pm / Music 10pm — ALL AGES SHOW!!!!



23-year-old James Friley trades in spectral transmissions: multi-layered vocal concoctions that sound like they are emitted from a radio in the past, or coming over an unknown satellite frequency from the future, telling stories about a more idyllic time.

Mining an emotional territory between nostalgia and powerful sense of childlike wonder, his rustic arrangements belie a sophisticated sense of melody surrounded by palpable magic and mystery. Hypnotic looped vocal samples come into full bloom around beautifully cathartic, slow-burning choral interpretations, all the while retaining a graceful fragility.

Having trained as a classical pianist from age 7, a teenage Friley found the designated hours of practice quickly gave way to writing and improvising his own solo piano compositions. Having more of a pop sensibility the songs didn’t fit the repertoire of budding rock band ‘Bedtime’ and henceIdiot Glee began to take shape.

The discovery on cassette of Pet Sounds in a flea market in 2008 proved a pivotal point. “I listened to it probably 100 times over the span of a year” he says and it became the catalyst in making Idiot Glee a full time hobby


“One of the best voices around in 2010.” – NME

“Idiot Glee lives somewhere between Jens Lekman’s thoughtful crooning and the classic auteur-pop of Brian Wilson or even Another Green World’s Brian Eno.” – VICE

“Idiot Glee seems to specialize in the kinds of days that are both great for spontaneous-happy-go-lucky whistling and all-day-soakers-of-rains.” – Daytrotter

“He’s out-and-out in love with music, possessing that weird, romantic longing that the best stuff brings out in even the steeliest soul.” – Time Out New York

“…a modern day crooner whose voice recalls the time-tested standards of names like Sinatra, Crosby, and Bennett. He can tickle the ivories like Joel and his looping skills are on par with any of the animal collectives pushing pedals today.” – Impose Magazine

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