Stonefly Productions Presents:
With The Hasslers

Skin Flowers

FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014
@ STAGE 112
DOORS 9pm / SHOW 10pm
AGES 21+

With An Opening Performance by: The Hasslers

The characters that populate the songs of Skin Flowers are generally fringe dwellers who are simultaneously too self-aware to get what they want in life and bereft of any social graces that would inform them that they are fringe dwellers. Songwriters Colin Johnson and Nick Ryan have been honing their ability to exploit every petty emotion they’ve ever felt and turn them into snappy tunes that the¬†kids crave. Joined by John Fleming (Secret Powers, The Oblio Joes), David Turley, and Tom Helgerson (Shahs), Skin Flowers reaches for somewhere on the spectrum between Steely Dan and Royal Trux, between David Bowie and Neil Young, between The Velvet Underground and 10cc. Tender ballads about passive aggressive murder, jaunty calypso numbers about deep self loathing, all this and more. They are currently mixing their debut album, “The Royal Family”.


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