with The Lusitania, BellaMaine & The Hasslers

The Badlander & Stonefly Productions presents…

Jamestown Revival (Indie Rock with a Southern Slant – Austin, TX/Los Angeles, CA)

The Lusitania (Rock and Roll- Austin, TX)

BellaMaine (Pop- Seattle, WA)

The Hasslers (Folk Rock – Missoula, MT)

MONDAY, MAY 28, 2012
DOORS 9pm / MUSIC 10pm
AGES 21+
TICKETS: $5 flat
Tickets available at door on the night of show ONLY.

Jamestown Revival is a group formed by Jonathan Clay and Zach Chance. After growing tired of a life minig tiger’s eye in the foothills of the Texas hill country, they hit the road to conceive a style that could be described as back-porch-rock.www.jamestownrevival.com

The Lusitania:
The Lusitania was formed in 2005 by brothers Michael and Blake Duncan. Their songs range from boozy waltz’s to brawling punk-rock anthems. The band went through a few line up changes before coming to their current cast of the Duncan brothers, Charles Berry, Adi Kanlic and Will Daugherty.

The band released an eight song self-titled EP on their own, along with a 7″ vinyl split with El Paso natives, Buckeye on indie lable Leatherfist records. The band has just released their first full-length professional studio album “Rain and Rivers” through Civil Defense League Records in ealry October 2010. The album was recorded at Clap of Thunder Studios in El Paso, TX over a year-long span in 2009. www.thelusitaniaband.com

BellaMaine was formed in 2009 when Julianne was asked to sing next to her husband Nick and longtime friend and bandmate Jordan Nielsen on bass. With heads full of music and a room full of instruments their inspiration began to transform into songs. That summer they recorded with hometown friend and Classic Crime frontman Matt McDonald. After receiving a very positive response they were brought back to the writing table as Julianne was with child and touring wasn’t in the cards. Yet. During that time the band relocated to Anacortes, began working with Gaelan Francis Sylvia I and his wealth of deep beats to recreate their heartfelt melodies into something fresh. With a handful of these melodic Indy grooves BellaMaine has been performing in the pacific northwest and is gearing up to track their new sound and songs early this summer and tour until the new tires on their van fall off. Which means they might need a place to crash while they get new tires and set out to continue sharing their tunes, jokes and sound financial advice for you and your kin.

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