with The Dirty Moogs & Boys

Stonefly Productions Presents…

FINN RIGGINS (Indie/Rock – Boise, ID)

@ The Palace Lounge ~ 147 W. Broadway, Missoula, MT
TICKETS: $5 advance / $7 day of show
DOORS: 9pm
Advance tickets are available at

THE DIRTY MOOGS (Indie/Electronic – Boise, ID)

BOYS (Indie/Rock – Missoula, MT)

Dynamic, quirky and highly energetic indie rock trio Finn Riggins has made a name for itself around the West and the greater US as road warriors from the oft-overlooked state of Idaho over the last several years. Since the release of their debut album “A Soldier, A Saint, An Ocean Explorer” on Portland’s beloved mom-and-pop label Tender Loving Empire in 2007, they have averaged close to 200 shows a year in 43 states — including a massive 80-day tour around the entire perimeter of the US in the Spring of 2010. Most of this touring has been on the backs of their DIY ethic and wide open approach to the changing music industry. In 2009 and 2010 they played three different support tours with fellow Idahoans Built To Spill while supporting their sophomore album “Vs Wilderness” (Tender Loving Empire).

The collaborative brainchild of three music school graduates from the University of Idaho — Cameron Bouiss, Eric Gilbert and Lisa Simpson — Finn Riggins has always been a tough entity for the music industry to pin down. Their genre-defying approach to rock-n-roll has yielded a long stream of varied explanations for their sound over the years — experimental pop, prog-pop, post-punk post-epic 70s rock, synth-driven indie rock, and so on. One consistent thread through most of the press raves over the years has been the fact that Finn Riggins’ sound is unique and fresh and not adhering to any particular trend, all while being accessible through pop-hooks and an incredibly well executed and fun live show.

Since relocating to Boise, ID in early 2009 from the small mountain town of Hailey, ID at the foot of the Pioneer Mountain Range, Finn Riggins have become key players in the young music and art scene of Idaho’s largest population center. They took their first extended break from touring in 2011 to further connect with their local scene and focus on writing and creating anew. In a November 2011 NYLON feature on the Boise scene Chad Dryden of The Record Exchange is quoted confirming the band, “injected much-needed life into the scene.” During this time Eric Gilbert helped develop Treefort Music Fest – a festival geared toward promoting the Boise scene and raising money for independent station Radio Boise, the first to support local artists in decades. 2012 was the festival’s inaugural year and it was a great success.

New Finn Riggins EP “Benchwarmers” will be released by Tender Loving Empire on limited edition 10″ red vinyl for Record Store Day on April 21st, 2012.

“this song (Benchwarmers) is so good, it makes us totally reconsider the benchwarmer bad rap.” — Nylon Magazine FEB 2012

“Most memorable performance (MFNW 2008 Portland, OR): Finn Riggins. The peak. They shocked and stunned: Truly amazing, like a locomotive storming into a barn. The Idaho band has one limited CD pressed, I recommend you snap it up quick, in years to come this could be the band you wish you were on the front wave of.” — Zaph Mann / blogger and others / regarding Music Fest Northwest set in Portland, OR on 9-5-08

“But the best band of the day was Hailey, Idaho-based Finn Riggins, a guitar, synth and drum combo that plays pulsating, anxious post-punk that has an arrestingly ramshackle quality to it. Their sound is simultaneously full and stripped-down: there’s very little looping and no reverb; only labyrinthine songwriting and epic, often ecstatically-shouted choruses.” — Armin Rosen / Impose Magazine / CMJ Music Marathon 2008 (NYC)

“‘A Soldier, A Saint, An Ocean Explorer’ is both a bright and lively record stocked with odd time changes and dynamic song structures as it stutters along with a swagger, a devil-may-care grin and an affection for the unconventional… (It) is an exhaustive debut that spans multiple genres with ease and rare proficiency.” — Matt Kiser / CMJ / New York, NY

“Part Sleater-Kinney/Yeah Yeah Yeahs, part second-wave 70s prog-rockers such as Camel or Eloy, Finn Riggins delivered a set that was as much blissful, porntastic keys and polyrhythmic drumming as it was the punkrockers that had so much disdain for such music.” — Jake Tenpas / Corvallis Gazette-Times (Night Rider blog) / Corvallis, OR

“Just imagine starting with a base something akin to the off-kilter indie-slacker-pop tendencies of Pavement and/or Bound Stems but with male/female vocal trade offs and a whole lot of layering to differentiate the band… This is honest and adventurous music that still manages to be fun.” — Can You See The Sunset From The Southside / Chicago, IL

“I think this is a fine example of a couple kids playing really freaking fun music. It’s not too cute, it’s not too trendy, it’s not too anything. It’s really solid and entertaining and uniquely it’s own.” — Sam Karzin / Music Director, KUCI 88.9 FM / Irvine, CA

“If nothing else, Finn Riggins proves there’s a lot more diversity in Idaho than most people recognize. Blending catchy rock riffs with some electronic magic, a few fresh time changes, a little bit of intellect, and a number of genre-defying song structures, there’s a reason all the hip kids are going ga-ga for Finn Riggins.” — Matt Driscoll / Weekly Volcano / Olympia, WA

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